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5th Dec, 2006

I have changed my username to lula_bunnyshoes if you want to re add me then please go there and do so, there's no need to comment if you were on this friendlist, I'll automatically add you back. From now on I shall not be posting on this journal. Thank you for putting up with me, all :D

Hmmm :o

A few of my first floristry designs:

Well these are a few of the designs I have made over my first half term at Floristry college, you'll have to excuse the picture quality, they were taken with a shoddy camera phone:

A Table Posy.

A Funeral Wreath (the one I submitted for my assessment and got a Merit for :D).

A Funeral Spray.


Assessments among other things

Well I've had quite a good week this week, at college I've had three assessments, 1) Wallet wrap bouquet, 2) Posy arrangement, and 3) Loose Wreath arrangement. I am happy to announce I got a pass and two merits. In that order. What's even better is with the loose wreath I was panicking that much that I just plonked anything in anywhere and Julia said it was my best arrangement yet! Ahahaha.

Aside from that in a week I've managed to train my novice up to a level 73 rogue on Ragnarok Online and also watch a great deal of Great Teacher Onizuka. Which is a fucking excellent anime I must say. Fully recommended to everyone.


Hahahahahahahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Today I've been making Kingdom Hearts II icons. I only did eight but I'm vaguely pleased with them. I think I may well have been bitten by the bug so if anyone has an icon requests then let me know, I'll give it a shot.

1.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting 2.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

3.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting 4.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

5.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting 6.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

7.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting 8.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Take them if you want just credit me please so I'll keep it up and make more due to overwhelming demand. Ahahaha.

Oh wow....XD

It's an end of an era, I've actually redesigned my Live Journal for the first time in absolutely monthes! I'm also starting to feel as though maybe, just maybe I've been bumming Naminé from KHII a bit too much as she's in most of my user pics as well as the background to my new design. Hehehehe.

I also cannot believe I actually took time out from the game to make this ^_^;.

Inspired by Toby.

This is how it works: Comment on this entry and I will give you a letter. Write ten words beginning with that letter, including an explanation of what the word means to you and why.

My letter is "S".

1. Strapping Young Lad.
An obvious one, these are my favourite band. They're from Canada and are fronted by the god, Devin Townsend.

2. Smith.
My boyfriend's surname.

3. Sydney.
The city in Austraslia that I lived in.

4. Samurai.
Are really cool, I love anything to do with Ancient Japan, Samurai in particular.

5. Street Fighter.
The first fighting game I ever played and one of the games that got me into gaming as much as I am today.

6. Sorbet.
Best. Dessert. Ever.

7. Sanrio.
My biggest vicee, if I see anything made by Sqanrio I HAVE TO BUY IT.

8. Samsung.
The make of my mobile phone.

9. Spatial Post.
The first place I got a "proper" job.

10. Seisen International.
My first school.

7th Apr, 2006

Today I am still feeling unbelievable hurt and angry at Dan's behaviour yesterday. i have no idea why Cheryl feels threatened by me, because in all honesty he's the last person I'd ever try to do that I can think of. Not only that but my parents did the whole affair thing and I am completely against cheating. Add to that that it happened BEFORE I even spoke to her, when I did speak to her I really liked her. I thought she was really lovely and sweet and quite good for Dan.

I can't even put any words together for Dan, there aren't any I can say because he has completely dumbfounded me. I will not be there for him in the future. I feel used, completely used. I gave him money when I was skint myself. I gave him time earlier on this week when I needed it to clean my house so as I didn't get kicked out. All for nothing.
It's all that I really was to him. Nothing. I've been used in the most horrible way by someone I thought was my friend. I shouldn't feel too bad about the whole thing, as I have a lot of close friends, Louise, Amy, Hannah, Ste, Ste, Stu, Ben, Pig and Liz. And I'm not saying he was special, because he wasn't. He was just as close as any of them. I am just completely dumbfounded by his behaviour and I think Dave put it best when he text me this morning after I said I never realised how dispensable a friend I was:

"It's just Dan. No one else has thrown you away. And he's not being himself. I'm really really sorry."

Matt called Dan last night to have a chat with him about it, apparently Dan said sorry, sorries mean nothing. From what Matt says his other friends are shocked by his behaviour and I can now only say that I pity him. I've thrown friends away for Alex. And I found myself very, very alone when I finished with him.

Matt was not upset by the whole thing that happened, what he was upset with was that Dan told me to keep it secret. Matt even asked Dan no tot make my lie for him again, and it appeared last night that Dan did want me to lie again. Me telling him to go fuck himself is my present to Cheryl. You can now get on with your relationship where he isn't lying to you about me. But I wonder, now I know how easily he would have found it to lie about me to her whether a certain other thing that happened at a party that Matt told me about and got very heated about when I said "Oh no! Dan wouldn't do something like that" and Dan backed up did in fact happen. Oh well, not my business anymore. Hopefully she can trust him now I've gone.

Maybe that won't happen with them two. But in either case I pity them.

6th Apr, 2006

Fuck me and grow up?

Fuck me and grow up. Yeah. Sure I'm the one who has to grow up, because I'm the one with the problem in all this. Oh, wait, no, I'm not. I am appauled by Dan's behavior regarding the whole fiasco that me and you and you know all too well about.

Say one of your closest friends, who you have known for 4 years, chooses to "pretend" they're not friends with you just to keep their girlfriend sweet with them. Thus firstly lying to them further and causing a great deal of hurt to you in the process. And if that isn't bad enough, he then states that he will happily re-assess our friendship if I decide I don't like that.

Over the past four years I thought I'd been a good friend to him, I have tried my hardest and quite frankly this is a kick in the teeth.

I don't see why I have to grow up when I'm the only one here being completely honest regarding this whole thing.

To the both of you, have fun in your relationship where you have not even seen each other yet have lovely foundations in jealousy and deceit.

[22:17:32] NatchDaniel :I need you to do me a big, big favour.
[22:17:49] Hello Kitty: which is?
[22:19:06] NatchDaniel : I told Cheryl that I'd stop talking to you.
So... Pretend I did.
[22:19:18] Hello Kitty: what?
[22:19:20] Hello Kitty: why?
[22:20:41] NatchDaniel : Because she still feels jealous and it would
really help our relationship if you and I didn't talk but
you're too good a friend to actually ignore, so unless you
want me to actually do it I'd rather not
[22:21:11] Hello Kitty: do you want me to say how I'm feeling about
[22:21:49] NatchDaniel : I bet you don't like it.
[22:21:55] Hello Kitty: I am actually seething
[22:22:21] Hello Kitty: firstly for even suggesting this
[22:22:23] NatchDaniel : Oh, wait, don't think she told me to do it
[22:22:25] NatchDaniel : She didn't
[22:22:34] Hello Kitty: and secondly for being two faced about the
whole thing
[22:22:40] Hello Kitty: then why suggest it?
[22:23:59] NatchDaniel : Because she still feels hurt and jealous and
I don't want to cut contact with you but if I really really
have to I will and you said before you'd understand...
[22:24:12] Hello Kitty: thats fucked
[22:24:15] Hello Kitty: go fuck yourself
[22:24:20] * NatchDaniel <3 Cherry Blossom [81] has been blocked

I've disabled comments but if anyone does want to talk to me about it I'd very much appreciate it and am currently on MSN. My new username is nintendo_lula@hellokitty.com

If you want to give your 2 cents on this then do. I'm screening the comments though. Just to clarify, on the chat log the main part that upset me was when he said this:
[22:23:59] NatchDaniel : Because she still feels hurt and jealous and
I don't want to cut contact with you but if I really really
have to I will and you said before you'd understand...

This was a real kick in the teeth, shows me how dispensable I really am as a friend.

5th Apr, 2006

Post the tenth photo in each of your photobucket folders. If you have a big folder full of everything, post every tenth from that folder. You don't have to explain them all but you can if you wish.

Peer into my photobucket:</b> <a href=Collapse )



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